Once we question someone about why they do it differently, we begin to understand them better.  We may not change each other’s views, but we can respect one another better because of that understanding.

It has become evident that crisis and terror events may take place in all types of communities, involving both fire and police departments, regardless of their size or capacity. Are we prepared for these types of incidents? 
Safety & Health

When a reader writes to Nozzlehead, explaining that he feels that we have too many warning lights on fire apparatus, Nozzlehead offers him a piece of his mind, arguing that there’s hardly such a thing as “too many lights” when it comes to responding but that there can be too many lights when apparatus are stationary and simply need to convey caution to passing motorists.

Todd Harms discusses the importance of using tactical worksheets during fire, EMS and other emergency situations that require the incident commander to keep track of multiple resources. He also details the sections of the tactical worksheet used by the Phoenix Fire Department.