In this column, I’m going to discuss rekindle and due diligence and what steps the fire department could have taken to prevent this lawsuit from happening.

New technology makes it easy to embed geographic coordinates into digital photos, providing the capability to quickly map large areas for damage assessments or recovery operations.

Chief Robert Isbell of the Euless (Texas) Fire Department explains the benefits his department has seen from the use of electronic command systems.

When the North Charleston Fire Department switched from paper pre-plans to a digital pre-plan system, it completely changed their level of knowledge about the buildings in their response area, as well as their response to incidents. Where they were once unsure of a building’s layout and interior contents, they are now aware of the layout, contents, construction type, etc., before they leave the station. This allows them to know upon arrival how they must approach any given structural fire.

After a reader writes in, asking Nozzlehead's opinion about an idea for a laser-pointer attached to firefighter helmets, Nozzlehead dons his "professor cap" to explain the difference between lasers and flashlights, and offers to learn more about the reader's idea.

Fourteen fire practitioners from eight countries met in Sweden to address how firefighters' tactics affect fire behavior. One topic of particular interest was gas cooling. The practitioners also discovered interesting ways in which the international community differs when it comes to firefighting tactics: the fog nail, Nomex hoods, nozzles, backdrafts, firefighter psyche and sauna.