Should a department member who passes away—but not in the line of duty—receive a full firefighter’s funeral, complete with honor guard, bagpipes, etc.? And what if they are a department veteran versus a new, young member? Nozzlehead addresses these sensitive questions.

Following the release of the provisional statistics on 2010 LODDs, Jane Jerrard analyzes the numbers, finding that there’s good news (the numbers are down) and bad news (many deaths were clearly preventable), and goes straight to best safety minds in the fire service—Ron Siarnicki, Billy Goldfeder and Rich Marinucci—for advice as to what the fire service can do to keep the numbers headed downward.

In honor of the 343 firefighters and thousands of civilians who perished on 9/11, a group of 36 runners from the United States and Australia ran across the country, from Santa Monica, Calif., to Ground Zero in New York City.

FireRescue Editor-in-Chief Tim Sendelbach shares two early influences on his fire service career, one of which was meeting Jim Page, the founder of FireRescue magazine.

John Eversole retired district chief of Special Functions for the Chicago Fire Department died May 20. Eversole was known throughout the fire service community as a leading authority in hazmat operations. He served as chair of the Hazardous Materials Committee of the International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC) and chairman of the National Fire Protection...

On Dec. 30 2006 a 31-year-old male career firefighter died when he was struck by a collapsing awning while applying water to hot spots at a structure fire in a one-story commercial building.

During a firefight in a commercial structure two New York firefighters were advancing a 2 1/2" handline through the front when the structural members supporting the floor directly below them collapsed. The firefighters fell into the structure's basement and later died from their injuries sustained in the fall.

SUMMARY On Jan. 23 2005 a 37-year-old male career firefighter died while exiting a residential basement fire in New York. At approximately 1337 hrs crews were dispatched to a reported residential structure fire. Crews began to arrive on the scene at approximately 1340 hrs and at approximately 1344 hrs the victim another firefighter and an...