UL FSRI: Study of Fire Service Training Environment


UL FSRI – As part of the DHS/AFG grant titled “Study of the Fire Service Training Environment: Safety, Fidelity, and Exposure”, UL FSRI conducted 37 experiments to evaluate ventilation-controlled fires in L-shaped training props with the following wall constructions: lightweight gypsum board over insulation, a single layer of corrugated steel, and rolled steel sheeting over mineral wool insulation with corrugated steel as its backing. Fire conditions produced by three fuel packages were utilized during the experiments – one containing furnishings composed primarily of synthetic materials and two containing wood-based fuels compliant with NFPA 1403. The main objectives of this study were to:

  • Assess the repeatability of thermal environments created by ventilation-controlled fires in each type of L-shaped prop
  • Compare the conditions produced by ventilation-controlled fires from various fuel packages between the different prop constructions
  • Study the effects of ventilation changes on the fire environment in L-shaped training props
  • Evaluate the response of thermal conditions during interior suppression in each type of prop

Read the Report:
Evaluation of Ventilation-Controlled Fires in L-Shaped Training Props